Summary: On paper, this Zephyrus G15 is an incredible-value 15-inch portable laptop, with the fastest hardware available in this segment as of early 2021, good inputs and IO, excellent speakers, a big battery, và what I consider khổng lồ be the best multi-purpose display available right now. The value is in the 3070 and 3060 configurations, though, not in the expensive 3080 models, given the little performance gains these deliver in comparison. Furthermore, asus took some weird decisions with this series, with an impact on its everyday practicality, performance in demanding loads, & thermals, among others. We"ll get in-depth in the lengthy reviews down below.
Our score: 4 / 5Price when reviewed: from $1799


compact build and beautiful design, available in Gray or Whiteexcellent 165 Hz QHD display - my favorite multi-purpose panel on the marketgood inputspowerful hardware và solid performance for the class90W battery và long battery lifeexcellent speakerscompetitively priced 3060/3070 configurations


creaky noises in the chassis & awkwardly placed status LEDs & IOnot a fan of the trắng lit trắng keys on this color variantpartially soldered RAM, with 32 GB total memory only an option for the 3080 modelshigh CPU temperatures with games & demanding loadshigh chassis và screen (bottom bezel) temperatures, plus noisy fans on Turbono webcam

While the 2021 hãng asus ROG Zephyrus G15 has been available for a few weeks in some regions, it has yet to lớn come in stores in this part of Europe, so I had khổng lồ wait khổng lồ spend some time with a final product before I could nội dung my thoughts on this series with you. I did get khổng lồ use some early Zephyrus G units for the preview article published in January, but I couldn’t run any proper tests on those, as they were not finalized retail products.

I finally got a nhận xét unit last week, and it’s the top-end Zephyrus G15 GA503QS version based on a Ryzen 9 5900HS processor, RTX 3080 máy tính graphics, và the QHD 165 Hz display. Derek also bought his unit a few weeks ago, the competitively priced mid-range GA503QR model available at Best Buy in the US, undoubtedly the better-value configuration of the 2021 G15 right now, so this article gathers both our impressions on the series, as well as benchmarks & some performance comparisons between the two GPU options.

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I did watch & read a couple of other đánh giá while unpatiently waiting for my unit, and most of them are highly praising this revised 2021 G15. Having finally spent time with it, I agree that it’s undoubtedly a major step-up from the 2020 G15 GA502 and an excellent performer in the portable 15-inch segment. It’s also a good typer, và benefits from the QHD screen with 100% DCI-P3 colors, some of the best speakers available on any máy vi tính right now, and a large-capacity battery, all these adding up lớn the overall daily-use experience.

But it’s not without some quirks và even flaws, as you’ll find out from this article, some of them expected when cramming this sort of hardware in a compact chassis, and some of them software bugs or just weird decisions that take a toll on the laptop’s functionality. You know I tend lớn complain about all these small imperfections that perhaps you might not care about, but I’d prefer you find out about all of these after reading the article, so you can then decide for yourself if you can live with them or not.

Specs as reviewed – asus ROG Zephyrus G15 GA503

2021 hãng asus ROG Zephyrus G15 GA503QS & GA503QR
Display15.6-inch, 16:9, non-touch, matte, bỏ ra Mei CMN152A panelQHD 2560 x 1440 px IPS, 165 Hz 3ms with 100% DCI-P3 và sRGB, with AdaptiveSync
ProcessorAMD Cezanne, Ryzen 9 5900HS, 8C/16T
VideoAMD Radeon Vega + Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 máy vi tính 8GB (80W, up lớn 100W with Dyn Boost) on 503QR modelAMD Radeon Vega + Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 máy vi tính 8GB (80W, up lớn 100W with Dyn Boost) on 503QS model
Memory32 GB DDR4 3200 MHz (16 GB on board, 1x DIMM, up lớn 48 GB)
Storage1 TB NVMe SSD (2x M.2 PCI x4 slots)
ConnectivityWiFi 6 (Intel AX200) 2×2 with công nghệ bluetooth không dây 5.0, Gigabit LAN (Realtek RTL8168/8111)
Ports2x USB-A 3.2 gen2, 2x USB-C gen2 with video, data, and charging, HDMI 2.0b, microSD thẻ reader, LAN, headphone&mic
Battery90Wh, 200 W nguồn adapter + USB-C charging up to 100W
Size355 milimet or 13.98” (w) x 243 milimet or 9.57″ (d) x 19.9 mm or .78” (h)
Weight2.02 kilogam (4.45 lbs), .63 kg (1.38 lbs) nguồn brick & cables, EU version
Extraswhite backlit keyboard (optional RGB on some versions), 6x speakers, no included webcam

Aside from the configuration tested here, hãng asus also offer an entry-level Zephyrus G15 GA503QM variant of this laptop, built on Ryzen 7 5800HS/ Ryzen 9 5900HS processors, RTX 3060 máy vi tính graphics (80W + 15W Boost), and either FHD 240 Hz or QHD 165 Hz screens. These are only available in some markets, though.

Update: There’s a 2022 Zephyrus G15 in the works, with Alder Lake hardware, higher power nguồn GPUs, & a MUX, among others. You’ll find all about it via the link.

Design và construction

The 2021 G15 is available in two color variants, a white model with a white keyboard, and a dark-gray mã sản phẩm with black keys. Having used both, I’d go with the latter.


We then went ahead and further verified our findings with the more taxing Cinebench R23 loop test và the gruesome Prime 95, on the Turbo profile. The CPU stabilizes at 65+ W in Turbo on Cinebench R23, và only ~55W in Prime95, with lower clocks và sustained temperatures of ~80 degrees Celsius.

We also ran our combined CPU+GPU áp lực tests on this notebook. 3DMark stress runs the same test đôi mươi times in a loop và looks for performance variation & degradation over time, & this unit passed it, but by a small margin, which suggests a slight decrease in performance once the heat builds-up. We’ll further look into this aspect down-below.

Next, we ran the entire suite of tests & benchmarks, on the stock Turbo profile in Armoury Crate & FHD resolution. This is important for consistency between the various tested laptops, as 3DMark tends to lớn return slightly different scores at FHD, QHD, and 4K for the same tests. So this is FHD, and we’ll địa chỉ cửa hàng some QHD scores down below.

3DMark 13 – Fire Strike: 22355 (Graphics – 25308, Physics – 24554, Combined – 11127);3DMark 13 – Port Royal: 6307;3DMark 13 – Time Spy: 10051 (Graphics – 10148, CPU – 9537);Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Extreme: 6609;Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Medium: 18359;Handbrake 1.3.3 (4K to lớn 1080p encode): 45.99 average fps;PassMark 10: Rating: 5130 (CPU mark: 24434, 3 chiều Graphics Mark: 14182, Disk Mark: 18213);PCMark 10: 7020 (Essentials – 10461, Productivity – 9502, Digital content Creation – 9445);GeekBench 5.33.1 64-bit: Single-Core: 1477, Multi-core: 7939;CineBench R15 (best run): CPU 2205 cb, CPU Single vi xử lý core 239 cb;CineBench R20 (best run): CPU 5136 cb, CPU Single core 572 cb;CineBench R23 (best run): CPU 13088 cb, CPU Single chip core 1462 cb;x265 HD Benchmark 64-bit: 28.11 s.

These are some excellent results. To put them in perspective, the full-size Scar 15 built on a Ryzen 9 5900HX + RTX 3080 laptop 115W+ scores roughly the same in single-core CPU tests, within 2-5% higher in the CPU multi-core tests, và within 5-8% higher in the GPU benchmarks. & that’s a thicker, heavier, & more expensive product. For what is worth, though, I will add that the Zephyrus G15 runs a fair bit louder on Turbo (48+ dB) than the Scar 15 (44+ dB).

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As for a 2020 pier of this laptop, I’ll pitch it against Asus’s own ROG Zephyrus S15 built on an 8Core i7-10875H processor and RTX 2080 Super 80+ graphics chip. The 2021 G15 scores roughly 12-20% higher in the single-core CPU tests, within 10-25% higher in the multi-core CPU tests, and about 7-10% higher in the graphics tests.

OK, and here are some QHD scores of the two Zephyrus G15 configurations that we’ve tested.

QHD resolution benchmarksGA503QS – Ryzen 9 + RTX 3080 LaptopGA503QS – Ryzen 9 + RTX 3070 Laptop
3DMark 13 – Fire Strike21377 (Graphics – 23832, Physics – 24609, Combined – 10856)20246 (Graphics – 22401, Physics – 23350, Combined – 10541)
3DMark 13 – Port Royal63075792
3DMark 13 – Time Spy9941 (Graphics – 10041, CPU – 9410)9470 (Graphics – 9643, CPU – 8597)
CineBench R15 (best run)CPU 2205 cb, CPU Single chip core 239 cbCPU 2193 cb, CPU Single vi xử lý core 231 cb
CineBench R23 (best run)CPU 13088 cb, CPU Single vi xử lý core 1462 cbCPU 12983 cb, CPU Single core 1437 cb

We’re only looking at only ~5% lower 3DMark FireStrike/TimeSpy scores for the 3070 máy tính configuration, và a bit extra for the RayTracing Port Royal test. The CPU scores are mostly the same (within the margin of error of 3%). Definitely not bad for the much more affordable G503QR configuration.

Given the high fan hâm mộ noise on Turbo, we also ran some tests on the Silent profile, if you’re interested in running demanding loads at lower noise levels (3DMark 13 – Fire Strike: 13957 (Graphics – 13800, Physics – 18898, Combined – 10680);3DMark 13 – Time Spy: 7372 (Graphics – 7162, CPU – 8845);Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Extreme: 4684;Uniengine Superposition – 1080p Medium: 8018;GeekBench 5.3.1 64-bit: Single-Core: 1452, Multi-core: 7668;CineBench R20 (best run): CPU 4011 cb, CPU Single bộ vi xử lý core 551 cb;x265 HD Benchmark 64-bit: 34.21 s.

We’re still looking at alright scores, with barely any decrease in single-core tests, but a ~25% toll in the multi-threaded CPU tests, as the CPU runs at lower sustained power nguồn on Silent. The GPU ends up being significantly limited as well in sustained loads, at around 55-60W, that’s why the GPU scores are roughly 60% of what we got on Turbo.

Finally, we also ran some Workstation related loads on this Ryzen 9 + RTX 3080 configuration, on the Turbo profile:

Blender 2.90 – BMW oto scene- CPU Compute: 3m 14s (Turbo);Blender 2.90 – BMW car scene- GPU Compute: 40s (CUDA), 17s (Optix);Blender 2.90 – Classroom scene – CPU Compute: 8m 19s (Turbo);Blender 2.90 – Classroom scene – GPU Compute: 2m 20s (CUDA), 59s (Optix);Luxmark 3.1 – Luxball HDR – OpenCL CPUs + GPUs score: -;SPECviewerf 13 – 3DSMax: 191.7 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 13 – Catia: 150.35 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 13 – Creo: 174.32 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 13 – Energy: 23.19 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 13 – Maya: 225.5 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 13 – Medical: 65.38 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 13 – Showcase: 118.85 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 13 – SNX: 20.86 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 13 – SW: 98.18 (Turbo).

And the newer SPECviewperf 2020 test:

SPECviewerf 2020 – 3DSMax: 89.73 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 2020 – Catia: 62.81 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 2020 – Creo: 84.6 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 2020 – Energy: 23.29 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 2020 – Maya: 242.26 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 2020 – Medical: 30.57 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 2020 – SNX: 20.83 (Turbo);SPECviewerf 2020 – SW: 169.1 (Turbo).

These results are again within 10% of the Scar 15 implementation of the higher-power Ryzen 9 + 3080 hardware, with a higher difference in the few loads that can benefit from the higher GPU clocks, extra CUDA cores, & extra vRAM on the Scar, such as 3DSMax or Studioworks.

Gaming performance

With these out of the way, let’s look at some games.

We ran a couple of DX11, DX12, & Vulkan titles on the stock Turbo, Performance, & Silent profiles, on both FHD & QHD resolutions, both on the laptop’s internal screen và an external monitor hooked up via DP, to document the performance toll taken by Optimus. Whisper Mode is enabled in GeForce Experience on the Silent mode, & I’ll explain why further down.

These results are for the Ryzen 9 + RTX 3080 máy tính variant of the Zephyrus G15, & we’ll cảm ứng on the RTX 3070 configuration further down. Here’s what we got: