from 2012, this game lived to lớn the fullest.

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The foundation they built is very different. They always listen khổng lồ the players, fix bugs và other issues. I always find it interesting day after day & they didn"t stick to one idea, it"s very unpredictable what supercells next move. And they didn"t failed in evey aspects. Please supercell, don"t go. I"m willing to lớn play your games till my time is up


Really brings back memories after playing it for a while, it"s fun to lớn build your base và challenge it with friends. The only downside is you"ve to wait a long time for upgrades when you reach around Town Hall 11 about 5-7 days per building and it gets boring from that point really quick. Overall it"s a game that you need lớn build slowly và more long time.

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There"s also something satisfying about the buildings, graphics & the entire feel of it. A solid 4.5 rating for me!

Run Clash of Clans on PCClash of Clans is identified as a strategy game that Supercell has developed and is a free-to-play game. Here a village has to lớn be built by the players, and several epic clan wars must be engaged and played by the players. The main goal of this game is lớn develop our own clan & contribute khổng lồ it by battling, working together, defending, và collecting resources.Fight with Strategy & Build up the ClanClash of Clans players have lớn fight as a team against millions of global players who are active within the game. We as players have to kiểm tra our skills & do it, và we will be provided with leagues as well as battles to giảm giá khuyến mãi with continuously. So many competitive players will do their best from around the globe. And the one who does the best will have the highest rank from the leaderboard.The clan that the player owns in Clash of Clans can be built by collecting resources, and they can also steal some loot from other available players. The clan we build here must be defended against the attacks of enemies, và the game will provide us with traps, cannons, walls, and bombs to vị this better. thamsannhapkhau.com 9 will provide you with the best features for soothing battles & fighting.Epic Heroes lớn UtilizeThe game will allow you to lớn unlock so many epic heroes, và the PVP battles can only be succeeded with the right hero selected. The heroes lượt thích Archer Queen, Barbarian King, Royal Champion và more are waiting for you until you vày your best at the battles.