Đáp án - Thang điểm Kỳ thi tuyển chọn sinh đại học, cđ năm 2007 môn Toán, khối D (Đáp án chính thức) - bộ GD&ĐT


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Dengue in a tertiary care hospital Milking adaptation Leptospirosis in domestic animals Reproductive disorders Semi arid regions of Rajasthan Western blot Babesia bigemina Extended lumry-eyring model High-grade glioma Theileriosis in a calf Diagnostic value of ascitic fluid lactoferrin Serological investigation Isopropyl-β-d-thiogalactoside Anti-drug antibody Seroepidemiology of caprine leptospirosis Antibody-mediated immune therapy Bovine clinical mastitis Rajkot milk kinh doanh union Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis Human idiotypes Theileria orientalis IgG1-based monoclonal antibody therapeutics Leptospirosis in clinically ailing goats Serovar grippotyphosa Koch’s blue bodies Double antibody sandwich Antibiogram of the isolates Adoption of milking Caprine leptospirosis Caesarean operation Tumour necrosis factor Activated T cells Prevalence of bovine babesiosis Clinically ailing goats Leptospiral antibodies Bovine theileriosis Isolates in Odisha Healthcare practices of dairy animals Bovine whole blood Bovine tropical theileriosis Meloxicam impact Erythrocytic anaplasmosis in cattle Inflammatory bowel diseases Bispecific antibodies Microscopy after Giemsa’s staining BHV-1 antibodies were measured Presence of ectoparasites Breeds of either sex Different villages of Navsari Monocyte activation test Morphological & biochemical characteristics Circulating antibodies against leptospira Blood plasma cortisol levels Erythrocytic anaplasmosis Anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody Blood smears screening by microscopy Vitamin E and selenium Collected randomly Lipoteichoic acid Dystocia affected bovines Bovine interferon lambda3 Recognized in ruminant animals European Pharmacopoeia pcDNA-Interferon Lambda-3 Bovine brucellosis Anaplasma bovis Investigation of sero prevalence Serological and molecular diagnosis Administered intramuscularly Coldwater disease Antibody detection tests Bacteriological study Malta fever Tissues were analyzed Serosurveillance of bovine brucellosis Flavobacterium psychrophilum Serodetection and bacteriological Đào chế tác lao động kỹ năng tay nghề cao Expression of given IFNλ3 Bovine brucellosis using RBPT Bacterial coldwater disease of fishes Discuss the serologica Brucellosis in goats Bovine brucellosis using c-ELISA Bacterial coldwater disease Milk samples & vaginal Cá nheo và vị dung dịch niềm ngư Unorganized goat farms Diagnosis và isolate characterization Molecular detection of Brucella abortus Buffaloes in Gujarat Marek’s disease Sub clinical mastitis Layer and broiler chickens Backyard rearing Occurrence of marek’s disease Layers than broilers Antibiogram in organized dairy farm Crossbred (PB2 x Indigenous) chickens Division of labor

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Drug sensitivity test, Conducting polymerase chain reaction, Respectively on the basis of history, Lactating cows with subclinical mastitis, Backyard systems of rearing, Functional differentiation, Hadman farm dairies, Drug sensitivity test for clinical, Field case, Prevalence of staphylococcus aureus, Chicken embryonated eggs, Kangayam cows, Bovine sub clinical mastitis, Certain egg qualities of indigenous, Mastitis prevalence, Bacterial association, Clinical and sub clinical mastitis, Age wise seroprevalence, Ambiguity of genes, Coxiella burnetii, Clinical significance of SNP, Organized buffalo dairy farm, Cheese from Hadman farm dairies, Field cases of infectious bronchitis, Antibiogram of subclinical mastitis, Lactating jersey cross-bred cows, Urine microscopy, Reticuloendothelios is virus, Mastitis prevalence in villages, Q fever, Cytopathic effect, Identification of bacteria, In vitro antimicrobials susceptibility, Seropositivity for toxoplasma, Infectious diseases associated, CMT kit, Subclinical mastitis in cows, MICA promoter, Relative risk, Airways Disease, Dairy farm women, Infectious bronchitis in chickens, Aetio-prevalence, Prescribed doses of antibiotics, Urine culture, Economic analysis of feeding management, Capripox isolates, Prevalence of subclinical mastitis, Respective causative organisms, Improved dairy farming practices, Avipoxvirus isolates, Rubella among torch infections, SNP analysis, Involvement of nephropathogenic avian IBV, Bovine raw milk by PCR, Cancer occurrence, Bacteria in subclinical mastitis, Californian mastitis test, Coxiella Burnetii infection, Indigenous Kangayam cows, Dairy cows, Differential pathology of capripox isolates, Avian reticuloendotheliosis virus, Leucocyte esterase, Fat globule size, Outcome of treatment, Low SNF syndrome, Dairy farmers of Haryana, Toxoplasmosis by line immune assay, Regarding scientific animal husbandry practices, Bacteria in subclinical mastitis affected cows, Pathology of avipoxvirus isolates, Around Nagpur region, University dairy farm, Hypothyroidism in pregnant women, Composition of buffalo milk, Physiological Manifestation, Collection of milk samples, Bacterial profile, A cross-sectional, Lactation stage, Membrane with presence, Health careassociated infections, Hepatocellular carcinoma và HCV, Obstetric history, NAGase activity, Labours and dairy farm, Seroincidence studies on enterovirus 71, Effective training practices, Automatic shower system, Indirect cyanmethaemoglobin method, Repeat breeding, Dairy animals on scientific lines, T-cell lymphoma, Pulmonary Sarcoidosis, Trichomonas vaginalis among pregnant women, Milk profile, Socio-economic profile of farmers, Basis of milch animal population, Milk NAGase activity, Different groups of cattle, Coxsackievirus A16, βhydroxybutyric acid, Bacterial profile of urinary tract infection, Early embryonic death, Female teacher trainer, Transmission of hepatitis B, Hepatitis B immunoglobulin, Japanese encephalitis, Tertiary care hospital in Hyderabad, Jersey cross bred Cows, Neurosarcoidosis, Around Kakinada Town, ToRCH infection in pregnant women, Health care worker, Indigenous goat breeds in Kerala, Herringbone milking parlour, Co-infection of candida albicans, Aantenatal outpatient, Anterior nares, Indicator of subclinical, Immunoglobulin G, Pregnant women attending, Biohazard symbol, Sericulture based dairy farming, Summary of Medical dissertation, Interleukin-35, Pregnant women attending antenatal clinics, Solids-not-fat syndrome, Various activities at different dairy farm, Antenatal cases attending, Respiratory epithelium, Milk profile changes, Geriatric VAP, Pigs and punjab, Milk fat globule size, Seropositivity of ToRCH infection, Seroprevalence of TORCH infections, Prevalence of anaemia, Laboratory diagnosis of hepatitis B, Clinical mastitis in Sahiwal cows, On line milk marketing, Incidence of urinary tract infection, Folkways và mores, Different areas of cardiac, Methicillin resistance staphylococcus aureus, Training needs of tribal farm women, Dent to lớn dairy farm economy, Kawo general hospitals in kaduna, Tertiary care unit, Expression of microrna-21, Practice among health care workers, Treatment improves outcome, Highest producer of silk, TORCH infections in pregnant women, Anti-hbs antibody, High màn chơi mupirocin resistance, Different dairy far, Serological và molecular detection, Blood was estimated, Post exposure prophylaxis, Subclinical mastitis on milk profile changes, Chronic hepatitis B virus, Specialized dairy farms, Antenatal patients attending, Screening of chronic hepatitis B, Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, Severely disrupting the income, Red cell distribution width, Health care workers in a tertiary care center, Latent tuberculosis infection, NSI prevention program, Tribal farm women in dairy farming, Interleukins play, Health care workers on BMWM, Yusuf dan tsoho, Microrna-122 plasma, Hundred antenatal women were included, Miscellaneous work, Low cấp độ mupirocin resistance, Traditional dairy farming folkways, Transaminase enzyme, Molecular detection of japanese encephalitis, Comparative aspects pertaining, Knowledge of needle stick injury, Comprehensive textbook, Long-term monitoring, Vaccination status, Patients attending our hospital viz, HBV-related hepatocirrhosis, Cross sectional study for detection, Vascular invasion, Prevalence of carriage, Anti-viral immunity, Serum HBsAg level, Acute liver failure, Hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma patients, Naturally infected pigs, Lab technicians, Knowledge-based genetic association, Milking management, Interferon gamma release assay, Prophylaxis & treatment, HBV infection, Vaccine preventable disease, Regular physical, HBeAg-positive chronichepatitis B, Anti-viral treatment, Chronic HBV infection patients, Hepatitis B mutants, Hepatitis B virus screening, Evaluate plasma microRNA-21, Acute hepatitis B, Meningococcus ACWY, Mild constitutional symptoms, HBV genotypes, Planned rituximab therapy, Diagnosis of latent tuberculosis, Hepatitis B virus carriers, Hepatitis B management, Hepatitis A, Immunosupressive therapies, HBV risk factors, Antivirals against hepatitis B virus, Seroprevalence of brucellosis, Brucellosis in large, Characterization of BpL1, MAT & ELISA, Small ruminants in Chhattisgarh state, Broad acting lytic bacteriophage, Analysis of sera, Phage isolation, Large ruminants in state, Determine the prevalence of brucellosis, Broad acting lytic brucellaphage, Cattle suspected, Brucellosis by agglutination tests, Ovine brucellosis, Treatment of bacterial infections, Fc fragment of IgG, Student’s perception, Mediterranean fever, Agglutination tests và ELISA, Caprine brucellosis, Biological student, Undulant fever, Genus Orthohepadnavirus, Serodiagnosis & epidemiology, Teacher of English, Gastric remittent fever, Influence disease, Brucellosis in sheep, Public health significance for humans, Goats and its serodiagnosis, Non-native English-speaking, unique, Serological survey, English speaking teachers, teaching children English, interest content, Brucellosis in camel of gujarat, Prognostic significant, Camel of gujarat, YP3A4- A-290G polymorphism, Promising epigenetic approaches targeting TH17, The role of maternal age, pronunciation foundation, his Kitty he for children, Serological survey of brucellosis, Myeloid derived suppressor cells, Chronic hepatitis C infection, Occurrence of dengue fever, Healthy control using PCR, four skills, Animals including human beings, Nocturnal penile erections, Nhật kí về cậu, Postoperative acute pulmonary embolism, so sánh mức sinh ở Việt Nam, Key proinflammatory cytokine secreted, Breast cancer subtypes, Oncogenic dedifferentiation, Trái Tim Vẫn Hát, tấm thiệp trái tim, Recurrent miscarriages, Treg cells, In tertiary care hospitals, Acute myeloid leukemia patients, Laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma, Acute fever, Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, Axillary lymph node, bài xích giảng Toxoplasma gondii, dự đoán mức sinh nghỉ ngơi Việt Nam, The role of RigiScan, P53 Protein expression, Platelet count association with dengue fever, biện pháp làm thiệp trái tim, Seroprevalence of measles antibodies, Dengue fever in tertiary care hospitals, Mombasa county, Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio, TH17 và autoimmune diabetes, Stem cell-like properties, yếu ớt tố tác động đến nấc sinh, Dengue hemorrhagic fever, FoxP3+ Treg, Predicting the response, Dạng toxoplasma gondii, Epidemiological characteristic, Serum p53 antibodies, Subtropical countries, Termed cancerstem cells, Patients attending dutse general hospital, Measles antibodies, Measles in Hanoi period 2006-2015, Tumour microenvironment, Similarinterferon gamma, Dengue shock syndrome, xu hướng giảm sinh ở Việt Nam, Tumor plasticity, Erectile dysfunction patients, Chu trình trở nên tân tiến toxoplasma gondii, Mosquito-borne disease, Tumour-infiltrating lymphocyte subsets, phân tích tình trạng nhiễm Toxoplasma gondii, Status of measles igg antibodies, Toxoplasma gondii infection, Co-circulation of dengue serotypes, Dịch tễ học toxoplasma gondii, The Cancer Genome Atlas, Toxoplasma tachyzoite, IgG Antibodies và NS1 Antigen, triệu chứng nhiễm Toxoplasma gondii, Egyptian propolis 12, Completed months of age, Pulmonary aspergillosis, bệnh dịch lý bẩm sinh toxoplasma gondii, Escherichia, Cloning of major surface antigen, Toxoplasma gondii sinh hoạt trẻ cồn kinh, NCR region, Summary of Doctor of Medicine thesis, Propolis on cytokines, Non-agranulocytic patients, Chronic lymphadenopathy, Antibiogram of uropathogens, Chẩn đoán toxoplasma gondii, Development of a lateral flow immunoassay thử nghiệm strip, gen of toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites, A clinico-bacteriological, Highlights the cocirculation, Deforming arthropathy, Toxoplasma gondii infected rats, Serum Aspergillus IgG, nghiên cứu và phân tích động kinh, Medical Research Institute, Oral features, Skin & connective tissue diseases, Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites, The rapid detection of rubella virus, Clinico-bacteriological, Autoimmune disorders, Immunological responses, Two year retrospective analysis, Treatment of retinal lesions, Jaccoud’s arthropathy, Temporomandibular disorders, Campylobacter, Recombinant SAG1 protein, Lateral flow immunoassay thử nghiệm strip, Parvovirus B19, Organ damage, Pathophysiological role, Definitive therapy started immediately, HIV among general population attending, Replacement arthroplasty, Patients with systemic Lupus erythematosus, Tooth decay, Anti-phospholipid syndrome, Factors involved, Rabbit anti-rubella antibody, Kidney transplant, Pyogenic infections, Angular cheilitis, Sicca syndrome, Western U.P, Severe systemic lupus erythematosus, General population attending, Activitylimitation, Tendon rupture, Hyperprolactinemia in systemic lupus erythematosus, Complex gene-environment interactions, Seroprevalance of Parvovirus B19, Life-threatening staphylococcal diseases, Erythematosus, Nephrotic syndrome, Disease phenotype, ELISA kiểm tra was conducted, Patella Alta

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