It’s been several years since Microsoft introduced a new document format in its Office 2007 suite called .Docx, but still many people seem to wonder what .docx file is & how to lớn open, read, and edit them!

Note: This article is like a help guide for technically challenged who are looking at how to mở cửa .Docx files without having the Microsoft Office suite handy. The article was originally written in 2010 & was recently updated for relevancy in 2020.

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What is a .Docx File?


As mentioned earlier, .Docx is a new word format introduced by Microsoft from Office 2007 onwards which succeeds the hugely popular .Doc format. It follows the new standard for documents from Microsoft called Office mở cửa XML which is also known as OOXML or OpenXML. A DOCX tệp tin is a document created by Microsoft Word or another word processing program, such as OpenOffice Writer or táo Pages.

If you are using older versions of Microsoft Office, prior khổng lồ Office 2007, you cannot directly open Docx files, but there are many alternate ways to lớn open, read và edit .Docx files without MS Office 2007 or later versions installed on your PC or smartphone.

10 Ways to xuất hiện .Docx Word Files

1. Xuất hiện .Docx with Older version of MS Office

In case you have Office 2003 or Office 2000 or Office XP installed on your PC, just download the Microsoft compatibility pack and install it. You will be able khổng lồ read the .docx files in your current installation of Microsoft Office.

2. Using Google Docs

This is one of my favorite ways to xuất hiện and read .Docx files, as I don’t need to install anything on my PC. Just upload the .docx tệp tin to Google Docs (Google Drive) & then use it lớn open, read, and even edit online. You can also convert it back lớn .Doc if you wish so! Go to lớn khổng lồ get started.

3. Install OpenOffice

In case you are not using a Windows PC, then you can install OpenOffice which can read .Docx files. I would suggest you to tải về OpenOffice Portable onto your flash drive to lớn make the process easier.

Convert .Docx file to your preferred format

This was what I used to vì chưng initially when Microsoft just introduced the .Docx format. Though there are some freeware available khổng lồ convert .docx to lớn .doc and other formats, it is better lớn use these online tools for converting .docx to lớn .doca) Zamzarb) Docx converter

Desktop Widget

The Docx-converter Dashboard Widget allows you to convert files right from your desktop. Simply drag the .docx file you want khổng lồ convert into the drop area of the widget and the widget will automatically convert the file and save it khổng lồ the location of the original file.

Using Word Reader

Word Reader is an easy-to-use không tính tiền Word Reader,You can read MicroSoft Word 2007 (*.DOCX), MicroSoft Word 97-2003(*.DOC), Hyper Text Markup Language (*.Htm,*.Html), Plain Text Format (*.TXT), Rich Text Format (*.RTF). Tải về Word-Reader here

Using ThinkFree

This online-based word editor is similar to Google docs và allows you to mở cửa and view your .docx tệp tin at ease. Just opening of .Docx tệp tin doesn’t need any registration, but if you need khổng lồ edit và save the documents, you should sign up with them.

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Using internet Explorer

In case you don’t have MS Office and not connected khổng lồ the mạng internet as well, even then you can view the .docx tệp tin using IE. The guide here shows you how to vì so. Rename the .docx file to .zip, extract using winzip, xuất hiện the “Word” folder, look for document.xml and xuất hiện this .xml file in internet explorer

Using Word 2007 Viewer

This Microsoft tool lets you view docx Word documents, even if you don’t have any version of Word installed. You will still need to install the Office Compatibility Pack. Download Word 2007 Viewer

Using TextEdit

This is a Mac-only solution. The TextEdit program that comes with OSX can create, edit, open, and save documents in the docx format. Alternately, you can also use NeoOffice/J freeware.

Update (17th Sep 2020):

Using Microsoft Word Online on a Computer

You can visit on your favorite web browser to xuất hiện and edit .docx files. You will be asked to login lớn your Microsoft account and then you are good khổng lồ go. This is very similar to the Google Docs option we mentioned earlier in this article.

Using Microsoft Word Mobile

That’s right. Microsoft has a không tính phí app for Android and iOS devices to xuất hiện .docx và other Microsoft Word supported tệp tin formats right from your điện thoại or tablet.

Additional FAQ on .docx file

Over the years, we have received several questions around .docx file format. We will try to answer the same here.

How to xuất hiện docx tệp tin in app android phone?

This is pretty straight forward. Two of the best document editing apps on the Play Store (and app store) can vày that without breaking a sweat. Download either Microsoft Word or Google Drive. There are other options like WPS smartphone but you don’t have lớn look beyond the đứng top two word apps we mentioned above.

Why can’t I xuất hiện docx files?

Certain Docx files can’t be opened due to the reason that the docx file may be corrupted or it may be password protected. You may try the following methods to mở cửa corrupt .docx file.

MS Word’s in-built method: open and Reapir – file menu > xuất hiện > Select file > click down arrow beside the open button > mở cửa and Repair.Open with mở cửa Office- Try to open MS Word document in xuất hiện Office.

How vày I open a DOCX tệp tin without word?

While it was indeed Microsoft who came out with docx tệp tin format back in 2007, many others have adopted docx và you don’t necessarily need Microsoft Word to mở cửa docx files anymore. You can install free software like LibreOffice or the popular Google Drive.

How do I open a DOCX file in my browser?

As mentioned earlier, or are your best bets to mở cửa and edit docx files directly on a browser. Luckily, both of them are không tính phí of cost.