Here are answers lớn some frequently asked questions about the OneDrive desktop phầm mềm for earlier versions of Windows.

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Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1

If your computer is running Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, the OneDrive desktop tiện ích is already built in. (Therefore, the OneDrive desktop app cài đặt file won"t appear if you try khổng lồ install it.) A setting is installed that lets you use Office to work on OneDrive documents with other people at the same time, but no other features are installed.

For more information about OneDrive in Windows 8.1 và Windows RT 8.1, see OneDrive Help for Windows 8.1.

tải về the OneDrive desktop phầm mềm for Windows 8.1

Windows 7 & earlier

tải về the desktop ứng dụng for Windows 7 và earlier

Note: The OneDrive tiện ích isn’t thamsannhapkhau.comed on Windows XP. If you try khổng lồ install it on a PC running Windows XP, you"ll get a "OneDriveSetup.exe is not a valid Win32 application" error message. For more information, see OneDrive System Requirements.

Downloading the tiện ích means you agree to lớn the Services Agreement và privacy statement. This software might also tải về and install its updates automatically.

What does the OneDrive folder do?

When you install OneDrive for Windows, a copy of your OneDrive installation is downloaded lớn your PC and put in the OneDrive folder. This folder is kept in sync with your cloud-based OneDrive installation. If you add, change, or delete a file or thư mục on the OneDrive website, the file or thư mục is added to, changed, or deleted from your OneDrive folder and vice versa.

For more information, see Upload photos và files to OneDrive.

You can also use file Explorer to lớn rename & delete files, create new folders, và move files around in your OneDrive folder. The changes will automatically be made in OneDrive and on your other computers that have the OneDrive tiện ích installed.

Tip: If you use a lot of storage space in OneDrive, it might take a long time to download all your files when you first install the OneDrive app. For tips on maximizing the transfer speed, see Maximize upload and tải về speed.

How can I add and remove PCs from OneDrive?

When you install the OneDrive desktop tiện ích for Windows on a PC, that PC appears on the OneDrive website, in the left pane under PCs. This is how you can access the PC"s files and folders that aren’t saved in your OneDrive folder. When you browse a PC remotely, you might be asked lớn enter a verification code. Lớn remove a PC from OneDrive, go lớn the OneDrive website, select the PC, and then select Remove PC.

Do I have khổng lồ install the OneDrive app on all my computers (PC and Mac)?

No. If you don"t want to keep all the files in your OneDrive folder on a computer, you can still work with your OneDrive account on that computer by going khổng lồ the OneDrive website.

Can I choose other folders to sync besides the OneDrive folder?

You can"t choose other folders lớn sync, but you can redirect certain folders such as your Desktop & folders in libraries to your OneDrive folder. Learn more.

To redirect a folder to your OneDrive folder

Close OneDrive: right-click the OneDrive icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar, và then select Exit. (You might need to select the Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification area lớn see the OneDrive icon.)

Create a subfolder for the redirected files in your OneDrive folder. For example, to redirect the My Pictures folder, you might create a folder in OneDrive called "Pictures."

Right-click the thư mục you want lớn redirect ("My Pictures" in this example), và then select Properties.

Select the Location tab, và then select Move.

Browse lớn the location where you want lớn redirect this thư mục (for example, %userprofile%OneDrivePictures).

Click Select Folder, and then select OK.

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In the dialog box that appears, select Yes lớn move all the files khổng lồ the new location.

Restart the OneDrive service. To vị this, select the Start button, enter OneDrive in the tìm kiếm box, và then select thamsannhapkhau.comOneDrive.

Can I change the name or location of my OneDrive thư mục after it"s created?

You can only change the location. For more information, see Change the location of your OneDrive folder.

Can I choose folders in my OneDrive that I don"t want lớn sync on my PC?

Yes. When you first mix up OneDrive, select Choose folders to lớn sync. If you didn"t vì chưng this when you phối up OneDrive, you can vì it in Settings. For more information, see Choose which OneDrive folders lớn sync to lớn your computer.

Note: You can"t choose individual files you want to lớn sync, và you can"t choose khổng lồ sync files or folders shared with you.

Can I change the trương mục I use with OneDrive?

You can change the tài khoản you use with OneDrive, but you can"t use the thư mục with multiple accounts at the same time.

To change the account you use with OneDrive:

Right-click the OneDrive icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar. (You might need to select the Show hidden icons arrow next to the notification area to see the icon.)

On the Account tab, select Unlink this PC.

Restart OneDrive và sign in with the tài khoản you want to lớn use. You"ll need khổng lồ select the location for your OneDrive folder again. If you select the same location, the folders for both accounts will be merged. If the PC had the Fetch files feature turned on, you"ll need khổng lồ turn it on again.

Can I recover files or folders I deleted?

Yes, you can restore deleted files or folders in OneDrive.

Something in my OneDrive thư mục isn"t syncing with OneDrive. How can I view more info about the problem?

For help with sync problems, see Fix OneDrive sync problems.

How vì chưng I uninstall the OneDrive app?

If you uninstall the OneDrive desktop ứng dụng from your PC, your OneDrive thư mục will stop syncing. The OneDrive thư mục and your files in OneDrive won"t be deleted. For more information, see Turn off, disable, or uninstall OneDrive.

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