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Pokémon X & Y is a two-part first installment of the sixth generation of the main Pokémon game series, being very similar in play to lớn the other games. When asked about the meaning of the names of the games, Satoru Iwata, the President of the Nintendo company, stated that “The X & Y represent the X axis and the Y axis.” Iwata went on khổng lồ explain that there are different dimensions that the people & Pokémon of the trò chơi live in, and somewhere along the dimensions they intersect, giving a mixed world of the dimensions.

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Gameplay: Story

The player’s adventure takes place in what is known as the Kalos region. Within the Kalos region, the player has the ability to lớn visit different areas, meet people, explore chất lượng cities, encounter Pokémon, & take a rest after a long day in the central hub of the region Lumiose City.


Before setting out on their adventure, the player is given the option of character customization, an exciting feature in a Pokémon game. The player can choose the gender (boy or girl) & choose various features about the aspiring trainer to find a look that suits them.

Gameplay: Pokémon Battles

Being the sixth generation of the series, Pokémon X and Y feature a new type of Pokémon: fairy type (although released in 1999, this is the first time they are seen in the game). The fairy type was brought into the game to balance out the dragon & dark type Pokémon.

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Along with new Pokémon type, there are new types of battles for players lớn experience. Sky battles between flying type Pokémon remove the ground element from the battles, making it chất lượng to these types and a new battle style khổng lồ the game. New Horde encounters also can give even the most experienced Pokémon players a worthy fight, with multiple wild Pokémon all at once fighting the player’s choice of Pokémon.

To make a player’s Pokémon fight better in battle, they have new options khổng lồ strengthen the Pokémon và its bond with the trainer. The trainer can, with the Pokémon-Amie feature, play, feed, & pet their Pokémon to lớn increase their bond and battle performance.


Along with this, Super Training, a new type of training that raises a Pokémon’s base stats, allows a trainer khổng lồ get their Pokémon lớn Mega Evolution, a new type of evolution that unlocks new powers long dormant, even faster.

Personal Rating

With an incredible amount of new features & interesting battles to lớn be held for trainers of all experience levels, Pokémon X & Y have a lot to offer the players.

Making a sixth generation so exciting & engaging is not an easy task, as many franchises get repetitive even by the second generation. For this, I give the trò chơi a solid 9/10.


Many new features in the gameGood trò chơi for starters or long-time enjoyers of the game seriesInteresting meaning and lore in the two games


Split into two gamesTurn-based trò chơi (like other Pokémon games), can be boring khổng lồ some

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