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These instructions refer to the Pro version of Foxit PDF Editor (aka PhantomPDF). If you vì chưng not have the features mentioned below, use the không tính tiền online tool or liên hệ the Service Desk and request the Pro version of Foxit.

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Open FoxitOpen the existing PDF you would like to convertClick FileClick ExportClick To MS OfficeSelect the Office program you want to lớn convert it lớn (Word, Excel, etc.)Click Save As và save the file with a name and location of your choice.

After conversion the tệp tin will mở cửa in the new program (Word, Excel, etc.) đánh giá the new file for changes for issues during the conversion, as the conversion is not always perfect.

Your original PDF tệp tin is not affected by this conversion and remains intact.

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Need more help?

Contact the Service Desk at *protected email* or hotline 706-542-2139.


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