I vày not see IDM extension in Chrome extensions list. How can I install it?How to configure IDM extension for Chrome?


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Please update IDM to lớn the latest version by using "IDM Help→Check for updates..." menu item

2. I don"t see "IDM Integration module" extension in the danh sách of extensions in Chrome. How can I install it?

Please chú ý that all IDM extensions that can be found in Google Store are fake and should not be used.

Our extension is hidden on Google Store, và it cannot be searched as well. This is made by design, because there is no sense to lớn install extension without IDM, also the extension should be installed automatically during IDM installation.

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If extension is not installed automatically, then install IDM Integration Module extension from Chrome web Store using direct links below:


3. How khổng lồ configure IDM extension for Chrome?

If you already added IDM extension into Chrome you need to configure it correctly. To bởi vì this press on Chrome menu (arrow1 on the image), select "More tools" menu item(arrow2 on the image) and then select "Extensions" tab (arrow3 on the image). Then press "Details" option (arrow4 on the image) for IDM extension.


Then check that "IDM Integration Module" extension is enabled (arrow1 on the image). You need khổng lồ allow extension khổng lồ read data on all sites (arrow2 on the image).If you use incognito mode in Chrome, you need khổng lồ enable "Allow in incognito" checkbox (arrow3 on the image).



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