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In filmed-opera, the unity between voice and toàn thân is no longer natural, as in the opera house, but a carefully engineered illusion.

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The dialectic of the dome inheres in the form of the opera house, but it is only the opera, the performance, that releases it. The public sphere also included institutions such as coffeehouses, salons, museums and, in the case of music, the public concert hall & opera house. No opera house in the world would begin to lớn conceive of such a research-led, try-and-test, và work-intensive time span for its productions. These conclusions are confirmed, either directly or indirectly, by observations from the opera house. Instead of half a dozen identifiable figures, we see (in a major opera house) up khổng lồ a hundred choristers. We begin in an impressive interior space, the opera house, “a great house, a strange one, in the heart of the city”.

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Or it may be that an independently popular text was set và never heard inside the opera house, but had a circulation of its own. One clause is of overriding importance in understanding the special nature of the conversion of concert room into opera house. However, the descriptions offered are vague & confirmation in the opera house is almost non-existent. & none of these hints ever reaches a cấp độ of clarity that would allow for the new pseudo-geography within the opera house to lớn unfold fully. Since opera was the main entertainment during the season, audiences saw the same hierarchical order every time they went lớn the opera house.

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