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Bạn đang xem: Translations From English To Vietnamese

‘She also famously described US ambitions as ‘imperialist’ & advised Richard Nixon khổng lồ read up on Vietnamese history.’‘I, for one, have no idea whether this is appropriate in Vietnamese culture or not, nor what a bishop can and cannot permit in his own diocese.’‘He liked Asian people, Vietnamese people in particular, và their culture, considerably more than he liked Australian culture.’‘The opening scene begins with Ho Xuan Huong in Vietnamese peasant clothing, at the funeral of Commissioner Coc.’‘Their village had been overrun by Vietnamese troops in 1979.’‘My recipe for today is for Vietnamese lemon chicken.’‘Larger donations can be channeled khổng lồ specific Vietnamese groups.’
‘From the 1400s on, the Cambodians lost territory lớn both the Siamese and the Vietnamese.’

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‘Thais và Vietnamese also came in large numbers và this is really where Asian Fusion cooking was born.’‘They nói qua their classrooms with Arabs, Africans and Vietnamese.’‘Western love songs, especially slow, sad songs recorded by Asian artists, are also much loved by the Vietnamese.’‘He honestly thought that Americans tried khổng lồ improve the lot of the Vietnamese.’‘The streets to lớn the American Embassy were so crowded with GIs and Vietnamese alike, all wanted khổng lồ leave the gem of the orient.’‘I think it"s no accident that the best cooks on Earth are the Basque & the Vietnamese.’

2mass noun The language of Vietnam, spoken by about 60 million people. It probably belongs lớn the Mon-Khmer group, although much of its vocabulary is derived from Chinese.

‘He speaks five languages, Vietnamese, French, Greek, Spanish và some other obscure language.’
‘This person may have married an Irish person but probably still thinks in và speaks Vietnamese.’‘In addition, Cambodians have borrowed words from Thai, French, Chinese, & Vietnamese.’‘The books have been re-published many times, in a number of different Asian languages including Japanese và Vietnamese.’‘For general sessions I speak in Vietnamese, except when interacting on an individual basis, when I use English.’‘Lady Borton, who speaks Vietnamese, finds the atmosphere far more hospitable now than in the early years of independence.’