Dolby trang chủ Theater V4 For Window-

Everyone wants High unique audio for their laptops/PCs. But not all devices come with high chất lượng audio like Dolby/Dolby Digital Plus Sound. Here, I am sharing a tutorial for people who want Dolby for their Laptops/PCs. There are 4 versions of Dolby Audio Listed Below. You can use any one you want but I will Prefer khổng lồ Dolby Digital Plus Advance Audio for any random Laptop/PC as it gives best performance according to lớn my experience và guide is also for that. To install Dolby, you must disable Driver Signature Enforcement first. So lets start, Follow the steps given below.

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What is Dolby trang chủ theater:

Dolby Home Theater is a suite of technologies that work together to lớn deliver a cinematic surround sound experience on your desktop or máy tính xách tay with crisp và clear PC audio.

Authentic Dolby Surround Sound.Simplified trang chủ Theater Connections.

The Dolby Digital Out feature in Dolby trang chủ Theater v4 makes it easy for you to connect your PC khổng lồ a home theater system.

Consistent Volume Levels.

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The Volume Leveler feature in Dolby trang chủ Theater v4 locks in your preferred volume màn chơi for more consistent listening.

Increased Dialogue Clarity.Distortion-Free Performance.Total Audio Control.


How to Install Dolby home Theater V4:

Disable Driver Signature verification then Download your desired Dolby tệp tin from downloads section và extract it anywhere you want.Your PC/Laptop will start with this settings. Now, Go to Start>Control Panel>Device Manager.Double Click on “Sound, clip and game Controllers” tab.There will be your Sound drivers as per your system. In most of case, It will be “Realtek High Definition Audio”. Right on your sound driver and select “Update driver software…” option.A window will open and ask lớn select driver software shown below. Click on “Browse my computer for driver software” option.In next window, Click on “Let me pick from a menu of device drivers on my computer” option.In next Window, Click on “Have disk…” button located on right lower side of window.In next window, Select “Browse” button on right lower corner.Go to extracted folder of the file you have downloaded.Go to 32 bit/64 bit>Drivers and click on Openbutton.(Select 32 bit/64 bit depending on your operating system.)Now, click on Ok button.Select Model from các mục that you want lớn install và click on Next button.It will ask for a warning “Update driver warning“.click on Yes button khổng lồ continue.(For windows 7 users : there will be a popup of windows security after this step.Simply click on “Install this driver software anyway“option.)Now, the driver software will be installed. It will take a few minutes khổng lồ install. As installation completes, click on Close button.Now, kiểm tra your driver software in device manager. It is changed from “Realtek High Definition Audio” to Dolby.Now, go to the thư mục that you have extracted. Go khổng lồ 32 bit/64 bit>Setup. Double click on “.msi” tệp tin to run it.(Select 32 bit/64 bit depending on your operating system.)Now, in the installation click Next.
Tick kiểm tra box of “Create a shortcut for this program on the Start Menu” và click Next.Click on Install button.Wait for installation to lớn complete. Once done, right click on speaker icon on taskbar and select “Playback devices” from the menu.In the new window of SoundDouble click on Speakers. It will open Speakers Properties.Click on Dolby tab.Click on Power button.Click OK and you are doneDolby is installed and activated. To mở cửa control panel of Dolby, go to Start>Dolby>Dolby Digital PlusYou can phối settings as per your requirement for different categories given in control panel. You can also set 2 Custom settings as your choice.If you are facing any problem following the steps given then feel free to ask. Enjoy Dolby.