The xiaomi Redmi note 5 Pro is outright impressive when it comes to lớn performance. It would have been more tempting if mi shipped it with a slightly more premium design và Android Oreo out of the box. Nevertheless, the Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro is truely the perfect sucessor xiaomi Redmi lưu ý 4 could have asked for.

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Reliable performanceGood battery lifeDecent Cameras for the budgetGood selfie cameraIR blaster


No fast chargerStill runs android NougatHybrid thẻ slot

Update: Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro has now received android Oreo update. The update also enables Dual SIM Dual VoLTE support.

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If you have bought a xiaomi phone in India, you must know how difficult is to lớn get one especially in the first few months of flash sales. The Chinese điện thoại cảm ứng maker claims lớn have become the number one điện thoại brand in India. All credit goes to the array of affordable Redmi-series smartphones, especially the Redmi note phones.

Back in February, xiaomi went a step further and launched two Redmi cảnh báo 4 successors: the Redmi lưu ý 5 and Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro. While the former is basically a facelift treatment to lưu ý 4, it’s the Redmi chú ý 5 Pro where mi puts its best foot forward.

Now that the phone has been around for a while & competitors had some room to match up, is it still the best affordable phone you can buy? Let’s try and resolve that in our Redmi chú ý 5 Pro long term review.

Xiaomi Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

The chú ý 5 Pro is actually one of the first Redmi chú ý series phones to lớn feature an 18:9 display. No, it’s not an infinity display & has decent-size bezels surrounding it. It is a tall phone so it might take some getting used to, especially for those switching from a 16:9 display phone.


On the flip side, the most noticeable change is the introduction of vertically aligned dual camera setup which bulges out slightly. Apart from the camera, the rest of the stuff is regular. The fingerprint sensor sits on the rear panel and is easily accessible.

Overall, the Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro thiết kế is stodgy và not its strongest suit. Comparatively, Honor 9i lite or Xiaomi’s own mi A1 look more appealing. Nevertheless, Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro scores well in terms of sturdiness and feels comparatively tougher.

The Redmi note 5 Pro has functional design, but is a little non-descript.Use of same “metal back with thick plastic strips” thiết kế for the third consequitive year feels jarring.The curved glass on the front and slightly aslope corners ensure handy grip.Thumbs up to Xiaomi for bundling a protective case within the box.IR blaster is present on top, micro USB port (Type-A) is present at the bottom.The volume rocker, power nguồn button, và fingerprint sensor are all placed aptly.

Xiaomi Redmi note 5 Pro Review: Display

In the fag over of 2017, 18:9 displays became the industry norm. It was only a matter of time before xiaomi mi too embraced the trend và that happened with the chú ý 5 phones. The Pro features a 5.99-inch full HD+ (2160 x 1080) IPS LCD panel.

The display manages to produce decently warm colors và render sharp images & texts. The display also wears a Gorilla Glass shield but mi hasn’t really specified its grade.


The Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro FHD+ display is one of its highlights.The màu sắc temperature is quite well balanced, you can also adjust it according lớn your needs from settings.The Apps and nội dung are scale up to make the most of bigger or taller screen.The display is a tad reflective.

Xiaomi Redmi chú ý 5 Pro Review: Performance và Software

Xiaomi Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro is actually the first điện thoại to employ Snapdragon 636 chipset. This budget chipset from Qualcomm is based on 14nm manufacturing process và uses custom Kyro 260 vi xử lý core which results in 30 percent better performance than Snapdragon 630 chipset.


The Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro’s performance is certainly a testimony of how good the Snapdragon 636 chipset is, even when its clocked slower than the Snapdragon 625. We have been using the 6GB RAM & 64GB storage variant of the note 5 Pro for the last month và the performance is butter smooth.

Be it multitasking or gameplay everything feels fluid. The apps load quickly and quite of few of them are held in the RAM so you don’t have to lớn start from scratch every single time.

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Now that the temperatures are soaring, the Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro can get quite hot with heavy usage, but this is true for most phones. The heating consequently results in performance throttling.

The software running on the phone is MIUI 9.0. Even when we are halfway through 2018, the base software is still based on android 7.1 Nougat. You still won’t get access to android Oreo features lượt thích Picture-in-picture mode or Notification channels. However, there is no dearth of features & the ROM is quite stable. There are a number of consumers who love Xiaomi’s interface and its certainly one of the better custom interfaces around.

The Redmi note 5 Pro comes in 4GB or 6GB RAM configuration.It managed to sail through every performance demo without hiccups. The performance has stood the test of time.Running an older version of app android is not a wise choice but xiaomi mi has its own way of doing things. Besides, Andorid 8.1 Oreo update is under works.Features lượt thích Face Unlock & new gestures further địa chỉ cửa hàng to the overall experience of the phone.The good old fingerprint sensor on the rear is fast và accurate.The phone tư vấn 4G VoLTE and ViLTE both. Call quality is also great.

Xiaomi Redmi note 5 Pro Review: Camera


The xiaomi Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro camera might appear similar khổng lồ Apple’s iPhone X but it is not the same. Having said that, xiaomi mi has certainly put in some work và has improved its cameras compared khổng lồ the Redmi note 4.

The chú ý 5 Pro comes with a 12 MP + 5 MP sensor with f/2.2, and f/2.0 aperture, respectively. The camera ứng dụng is simple & easy khổng lồ use. It manages lớn lock focus almost instantaneously và there was no visible shutter lag. Portrait mode works well too and it available for both front and the back camera.


The images it churns out have punchy colors favoring towards warm tones. Details are not bad either. All in all the Redmi chú ý 5 Pro camera is at par with Xiaomi ngươi A1 as we concluded in our camera comparison of both phones.

Xiaomi was late to join the selfie tiệc ngọt but in past few months, it has made rapid strides in this segment. This year, the company has bumped the front camera resolution from 5MP lớn 20MP in the Pro. The Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro selfies turn out well. Beautification is subtle và details are well preserved.

The camera performance is consistent and at par with mày A1.The dynamic range is also good considering its price.The portrait mode works well and manages to detect edges even in trick lighting.The camera tiện ích is simple yet feature rich. It comes with beautification and HDR mode.The selfie camera shots are worthy enough to feature on your facebook wall or Instagram gallery.

Xiaomi Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro Review: Battery & Audio

Xiaomi Redmi chú ý 5 Pro packs a 4000mAh battery & the backup is nothing short of impressive. I have managed lớn get 12-13 hours battery life regularly while constantly using my phone. Any given day, I spend almost 30 mins streaming đoạn phim content và playing games, checking all my social media accounts, making around 15-20 calls, và playing music in my leisure time.


My only problem with the Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro battery is it takes forever khổng lồ charge. Even though phone supports Quick Charge 2.0, xiaomi mi ships it with a 2A charger. Quick Charge 2.0 is supported but that won’t make much of a difference to charging time.

The lưu ý 5 Pro packs a decently loud mono speaker which is placed at the bottom edge. It is loud enough khổng lồ fill a small room but at high volumes, there is noticeable distortion in audio. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack but the box content doesn’t include a tai nghe inside. Sound quality over the tai nghe is decent enough.

The Redmi lưu ý 5 pro Battery backup is excellent. We would have appreciated faster charging speed.Audio output is loud, clarity of sound deteriorates at high volume.


Xiaomi Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro Review: Should You Buy It?

The mi Redmi note 5 is proving khổng lồ be yet another success story for the company. The phone covers almost all basic facets while keeping its price affordable. Precisely that’s the reason why the phone has been continuously going out of the stock sale after sale and it is at the đứng top of our recommendation list for phones under 15,000 INR. Having said that, the Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro was unchallenged till know due khổng lồ lack of a real alternative. But with asus coming out with Zenfone Max Pro M1 (review), Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro has a real challenger for the first time. More should follow soon.

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Xiaomi Redmi cảnh báo 5 Pro Price & Availability

The phone comes in 4GB and 6GB RAM variant. The Redmi lưu ý 5 Pro price in India starts at Rs 12,999 while its costly variant will be launched at Rs 16,999.The phone is already available in India on Mi.com và Flipkart. Although, you’ll need luck on your side khổng lồ buy one.

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